Is donating online to RMHC Philippines secure?

RMHC Philippines has partnered with Maya which provides a safe and secured platform for online transactions. For more information about PayMaya’s security features, visit https://www.maya.ph/support/safety-and-security.


What is Maya?

Maya is a financial services application that provides users with a virtual prepaid card for making payments online. For more information about Maya, visit https://www.maya.ph/faqs.


What happens if my online transaction is declined?

If a transaction has been declined, another credit card may be used. Note: some credit cards issued by other countries may not be processed by PayMaya for security reasons; contact us via rmhc@ph.mcd.com or 8888-8500 loc. 9308 should you encounter any problems.


I have made a mistake during my online donation. Can I request for a refund or reversal?

Once a donation is completed, the transaction is deemed final and indisputable, except under the following circumstances:

  1. Should you wish to change the amount of your donation or cancel your donation, your donation can be voided within the day until 11:59PM. The amount will not be charged to your account.
  2. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of a donor’s credit card is proven, as defined by the guidelines of his or her credit card company. In case of lost or stolen credit card, donors must notify their credit card company and comply with its reporting procedure.
  3. The RMHC Philippines website or PayMaya’s donation gateway system is experiencing technical issues. In such an event, you must notify us via e-mail, rmhc@ph.mcd.com or landline, 8888-8500 loc. 9308 by requesting a void until 11:59PM of the same day or by requesting a refund within five (5) working days from the time you received an email confirming the donation. RMHC will notify Paymaya on your request to refund. Paymaya will notify your bank and the bank will process the refund. The time it takes would depend on your bank’s processes.


Is my personal information safe on the RMHC website?

We uphold the utmost value of the privacy of any data you enter within the RMHC website. To learn more about our policies, please read our Privacy Policy.


Are my card details stored on the RMHC server?

No. Your credit card details are not stored in the RMHC server.


Is there a way for me to know where my donations will go?

Yes there is. On the online donations page, you may provide your full name and e-mail address to receive updates from RMHC and its programs.


I need a donor’s certificate. How can I obtain one from RMHC Philippines?

Please email rmhc@ph.mcd.com and send the following details: TIN, Address, Name of Individual/Company, Amount, and Date of Donation




What is Ronald McDonald House Charities Philippines (RMHC)?

RMHC Philippines is a non-profit organization committed to make a difference in the lives of Filipino children through programs that support their need for shelter, education, and happiness. Since the beginning of our operations in 1995, RMHC has helped more than 14 million children all over the country.


Is RMHC Philippines affiliated with McDonald’s Philippines?

RMHC is McDonald’s charity of choice. RMHC Philippines is a separate entity from the Golden Arches Development Corporation (McDonald’s Philippines).


What are RMHC’s programs in the Philippines?

RMHC Philippines has four main programs: Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit, a learning center that gives children age 2 to 4 years old a safe and conducive learning environment; Ronald McDonald Read to Learn, a beginning reading program for grade school public elementary schools nationwide; Ronald McDonald Bigay Tulong, a program dedicated in providing assistance to disaster-affected families; and Kindness Kitchen, a year-long activation where select stores were opened to prepare meals to frontliners and communities in need. You may check out rmhc.org.ph/whatwedo for more details on the programs.


Who are RMHC’s beneficiaries?

The main beneficiaries of RMHC are the Filipino children as we strive to make a happier world for them, and give them equal chances at a better future.

  1. Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit – children within the community
  2. Ronald McDonald Read to Learn – public elementary grade 1 and 2 students and teachers
  3. Ronald McDonald Bigay Tulong – children and families affected by disasters
  4. Kindness Kitchen – frontliners, volunteers, barangays, NGOs, hospitals, and communities in need across the country




Can I volunteer?

We are happy to accept volunteers. You may email us at rmhc@ph.mcd.com and send an inquiry.


My community needs help. Who do I contact for further communication?

We always aim to help. You may reach us via e-mail, rmhc@ph.mcd.com or landline, 8888-8500 loc. 9308